"Morning Worship Service"

Date:October 18, 2020
Time:10:30am - 11:30am

The Board of Hastings Park Bible Church is putting plans in place to reopen the church for services.  We wish to communicate to the membership our plans and ask for their patience and prayers at this time.
These are very difficult times for all of us.  In fact they are extraordinary times.  Not in any of our lifetimes has such an onerous restriction been placed on the church. This is a learning process for all.  Moving forward, the safety of all members is a top priority, as well complying with the ever changing guidelines and regulations put forward by the province.  We have decided to proceed at a cautious and metered pace, that can be readily managed, with minimal risks.
We appreciate there is wide variety of comfort levels in the prospect of returning to in person worship gatherings.  Some are anxious to return and feel things are moving much too slowly.  Others, are much more cautious and will not return to public gatherings for quite some time due to health concerns.  A spectrum of these concerns have been communicated to us, and they are all valid and need to be considered moving forward.
We have decided to take a staged approach.  This to allow us to put approved measures in place, and also not get ahead of any potential roll backs in the opening schedule put forward by municipal or provincial leaders. We will start with;
Weds evening prayer meetings restart on July 8.
Sunday morning services will restart on Aug 9.  This date is tentative, and may be advanced or delayed depending on developments.

If you do not plan to attend, the services will still be streamed to the internet, and will continue to do so.

It would be helpful for managing numbers, if could indicate if and when you intend to start attending reopened services.  This can be done with the linked survey, or by phoning the church office directly.

The protocols and procedures we have established for managing the reopening follow this message.  We ask you review and familiarize yourself with them prior to arriving at the church.

Hastings Park Bible Church :  COVID 19 Protocols

Hastings Park is putting in place protocols and procedures to protect members during this COVID 19 Pandemic.  Personal discretion and responsible conduct is required of all of us, and is the key to protect not only ourselves, but the whole church body.

Even with the strictest adherence to any measures in place, no situation can be made 100% safe.  It is incumbent among everyone who is considering attending any public function, to assess the risks involved.  Individuals who are elderly or have underlying medical conditions are a greater risk of serious complications from an infection, and must consider this in their decision to attend in person.

Parking and Arrival


  • Please park and observe social distancing while transiting to and from the building.
  • All entry to the building will be by the back door.
  • If there is a line up please stay on marked lines to observe social distancing.
  • Entry to the building will be done under the guidance of an attending usher.

  • Upon entry there will be a station in the foyer where you will be screened by an usher and asked some standard questions.
  • The questions asked are as follows:
  • Have you or anyone in your group experienced any symptoms indicative of COVID 19, such as high temperatures, general illness or respiratory difficulties.
  • Have you or anyone in your group come in close contact with a person with symptoms.
  • Have you or anyone in your group travelled outside the country in the past 14 days.
  • If all answers are negative and no visible symptoms are present in your party, you will be permitted to enter the service.  The names and contact number of your party will be recorded, for use only if there were a subsequent outbreak.

Hand sanitizer and masks will be made available.
Use of masks is mandatory, but at the discretion of parents for accompanying small children.

Travel to and from the Sanctuary

  • You will be ushered to your seat with your party, starting in the front row and filling towards the back.
  • You will be asked to maintain a 2m or 6 ft distance from other parties or persons while moving to your seat, but also during the service.
  • At the end of the service, ushers will dismiss and escort you to the back door, starting with the back row
  • You are asked not to congregate before or after indoors, such as at the church foyer.
  • A collection box will be in the entrance way, to receive offerings.  Those attending who wish to deposit an offering, may do so as they enter or leave the sanctuary.

During the Service

Everyone is asked to remain in designated areas.
Each person will be asked to remain at their seat (there is no reserved seating).
There will be no singing during services. You are encouraged to sing in your hearts.

  • There will be no passing of communion, offering plate or bulletins
  • Washrooms are available, but you are requested to refrain from their use unless absolutely required.  Services will of a compressed time frame to help with this.  Washroom use will be one person at a time.  An usher will be available to maintain sanitization after each use of handles and doors.
  • There will be no nursery or children's programs. Children must remain in service with their family for the duration.
  • A change room and table for babies and toddlers will be available in the current nursery.  One family at a time as per washroom protocols.